Junior Conference

  • Junior Conference
    Starting in March counselors like to meet with all juniors to have a junior conference and start discussing juniors progress towards graduation and their plans for after graduation. Juniors please come to the counseling office to schedule a junior conference. The conference will last approximately 45 minutes and should take place during their off period. We look forward to meeting with juniors.
    Junior Conference To-do List

    Junior To-Do List:
    1. Your counselor will explain ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) and the tasks to Smoky Hill's ICAP.
      1. Student will complete goals tasks.
      2. Student will make sure all other tasks are up to date.
    2. Research your post-grad pathway options (e.g., college, career, military, etc.). If you are unsure of a future career, research careers on Naviance using the "explore careers" and "what are my interests" links under the "Careers" tab. 
      1. "Strengths Explorer" and "Personality Type" are surveys that will help link you to occupations that fit your interests, as well as to colleges that offer what you are looking for.
      2. "Explore Careers & Clusters" helps you research specific careers in depth.
    3. In researching colleges, be sure to look at their admission requirements, to make sure you are meeting their admission criteria in regards to course work, tests (ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests), etc.
    4. Get on Naviance, start researching colleges and create your list of "colleges I'm thinking about" under the "Colleges" tab in Naviance.
      1. This list will help us contact you specifically if we get information about the colleges (i.e., special programs, scholarships, college rep visits to SHHS) that you have placed on your "My Colleges" list.
      2. Complete a (a) SuperMatch college search, look at (b) WUE schools (http://wiche.edu/wue) and (c) Test Optional Schools (www.fairtest.org).
    5. VISIT COLLEGES that you are considering applying to. It is important to make that personal contact!!
    6. All juniors take the district ACT in school in February  and the statewide SAT in April (at no charge).  For additional testing opportunities for the ACT & SAT, please refer to the testing websites listed below.
      1. Keep in mind you can take this test more than once; colleges will look at your best scores.  Same goes for the SAT.  Make sure to bubble in colleges so your scores are sent.
      2. You can register for the ACT at www.actstudent.org (you do not need to register online for the February ACT) and for the SAT at www.collegeboard.org  (you do not need to register online for the April SAT). Links are on Naviance.
      3. ***There is now FREE Test Preparation, Method Test Prep, for the ACT and SAT on Naviance, where you do lessons, learn strategies, and take full timed tests! *** Method Test Prep is linked from the Naviance homepage.
      4. Another test prep option to be aware of for SAT Prep is Khan Academy, which is also linked from the Naviance homepage.
      5. ACT test prep and SAT classes will be offered in the spring with Sycamore Learning Center in Post Grad.
    7. Are you a student athlete?  You need to register with the NCAA and/or NAIA eligibility center, have ACT/SAT scores and transcript sent to eligibility centers.  Begin the process by meeting with your counselor for an NCAA credit check.
    8. How are you going to pay for college? Register with scholarship databases.  Many of these are linked in Naviance (Fastweb, Scholarships.com, National Scholarships Search, College in Colorado, RaiseMe, Etc.). Also, use the National Scholarship Search on Naviance under the "Colleges" tab. Other great resources are http://studentaid.ed.gov/ and www.Fafsa4Caster.ed.gov.
    9. In the fall check the "Visit Schedule" on Naviance to see when college reps are coming to Smoky Hill.  This is another opportunity to make that personal contact with the colleges you are considering.
    10. You may need letters of recommendation for college applications and/or scholarships, so be thinking of people you would like to write your letter(s) of rec. 
    11. Register for the College Opportunity Fund at College in Colorado. (www.collegeincolorado.org)
    12. Make plans now to attend the fall and spring College Fairs.

      Pre-registration is free for students and saves time and effort. Register by visiting