Junior Timeline

  • Junior Year Calendar - Spring Semester
    • Identify characteristics you want in a college
    • Attend college fairs and financial aid nights
    • Clear up the financial aid myths about paying for college (managingcollegecosts.com)
    • Let your parents know that the IRS could save them money through education tax deductions and credits
    • Research specific college entrance requirements
    • Start searching for scholarships (studentscholarshipsearch.com, fastweb.com, naviance.com)
    • Register and study for the SAT and/or ACT. All Juniors will take the test in April.
    • Select senior year classes - check with your counselor to ensure your courses meet necessary college requirements
    • Plan campus visits
    • Narrow your college list to a reasonable number
    • Contact the financial aid office for each college on your list to discuss payment options
    • Keep up college discussions with your family and counselors
    • Get answers to your "going-to-college" questions
    • Estimate how much various colleges will cost
    • Decide when to register for any necessary entrance exams.
    • Download College Answer's Campus Visit Checklist (pdf) and start visiting colleges
    • Take the SAT and/or ACT, if necessary.
    • Take Advanced Placement (AP) tests, if necessary
    • Get a summer job to save extra money
    • Considering a military academy or an ROTC scholarship? Meet with your high school counselor
    Summer after Junior Year
    • Improve your reading and vocabulary skills
    • Continue searching for scholarships and ways to pay
    • Combine vacation plans with campus visits
    • Start working on your college application essays
    • Talk to people in interesting careers
    • Decide who you’ll ask to write letters of recommendation
    • Talk with college friends home for summer