Senior Conference

  • Starting in mid-September counselors like to meet with all senors to have a senior conference and start discussing senior's progress towards graduation and their plans for after graduation. Senors please come to the counseling office to schedule a senior conference. The conference will last approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour and should take place during the student's off period. We encourage parent(s)/guadian(s) to attend the senior conference. We look forward to meeting with seniors.


    • Applications: BE AWARE OF THE APPLICATION DEADLINES, which you can find on the college website!!  Give yourself plenty of time to complete the application and anything that goes along with it, such as an essay, letters of recommendation, etc.  Don't assume that all colleges have similar application deadlines.
      • IMPORTANT: Different types of colleges generally offer various types of admissions options (e.g., Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, Rolling Admissions, etc.). Read the fine print before choosing an option.
      • Common Application: Over 700 schools use the common app. Pay attention to supplemental forms if you use the common app.
    • Fill out the Senior Letter of Recommendation Form. Please see Mrs. Horst to get this process started. The google doc form can be accessed on Naviance. Answer the questions (please be specific) & share a copy with the individual(s) you would like to write your letters of rec.  Check with the school(s) you are applying to if a letter of recommendation is required; if so, be sure to have one from a core subject teacher. Give your teachers plenty of time to write your letter! Don't assume that sharing your google doc means your recommender(s) know you need a letter. You should have a conversation with your recommender(s).
    • Transcripts: Every college you apply to will need an official transcript from Smoky Hill.  These transcripts cost $5 each and you will order them in the Post Grad center.
      • Allow for 10 days from when you order your transcript to when it is sent out. So again, watch those deadlines! Allow additional time around holidays.
      • You must send test scores directly from ACT/SAT.
    • The FAFSA form is the application for federal student aid.  This will determine your eligibility for federal student loans, student grants and work-study.  You and your parents will fill this out using their W2's for 2016 taxes, sometime after October 1, 2017.  The application is located online at
      • Some schools require the CSS Profile, in addition to the FAFSA. 
    • Email: Establish an appropriate email to communicate with colleges. Check your email often.
    • Schedule visits with the colleges you are considering.  It is important to make that personal contact!  Check out the visit schedule on Naviance to see when college reps are coming to Smoky Hill for a visit.  If a rep is coming from a college you are considering, we highly advise that you come to the visit and touch base with them.  These may be the individuals who read your application.
    • Put thought into your essays!  Most colleges and scholarships will require an essay/personal statement for their application.    You are encouraged to work closely with an English teacher to write this.  Make sure you proofread and follow directions.
    • How are you going to pay for college? Register with Fastweb, a large scholarship search engine ( Also, use the National Scholarship Search on Naviance under the "Colleges" tab. Another great resource is
    • Apply for the College Opportunity Fund!  This is located at the College In Colorado website; the link can also be found on your Naviance page
    • Net Cost Estimator: Allows prospective students to calculate an estimated net price (out-of-pocket cost) of enrollment at an institution. Each school has an estimator. They only estimate!!!
    • Make plans now to attend the fall and spring College Fairs. Pre-registration is free for students and saves time and effort. Register by visiting
    • Looking at the Military Pathway         
      • Which branch are you interested in?
      • ROTC?
      • ASVAB testing is required.  
    • NCAA/NAIA Are you a student athlete?  You need to (1) Meet with your counselor; (2) register with the NCAA and/or NAIA eligibility center, (3) have ACT/SAT scores sent directly from ACT and/or SAT and (4) send a transcript from the Post Grad office to eligibility centers.


    Important Documents

    Career Document

    College Application 10-Step List

    MIlitary Pathway