English Language Support (ELS)

  • Missy Winternitz
    Missy Winternitz - Department Chair

    English Language Learning:

    Grandview High School offers ELS specific and co-taught classes for English Language Learning (ELL) students regardless of their acquisition levels. The ELS classes use a set of linguistic, instructional, assessment, and classroom-management practices that allow English language learners to develop content-area knowledge, operational skills, and increased language proficiency without oversimplifying content and compromising rigorous learning.

    Identification of ELS Students:

    Initial Identification:

    Every student who speaks, understands, reads, and/or writes a language other than English will be evaluated for English proficiency in each of the four linguistic domains: speaking, listening, reading, and writing upon enrollment in the Cherry Creek School District.

    Later Identification:

    If a current student in Cherry Creek Schools is not receiving English Language Support (ELS) and demonstrates a need for such services due to suspected limited proficiency in one or more of the four linguistic domains, he or she may be assessed to determine whether placement into the ELS program is appropriate and would be beneficial. The request for an English language proficiency evaluation may be requested by a parent, general educator, or another school staff member who knows and works with the student. After a request has been submitted to the ELS specialist, the student will be evaluated with an assessment designed to measure English language proficiency.

    English Language Support Faculty