Weather Information

  • Stormy Weather…what do we do, what should you do?​

    snowflake Snow

    Cherry Creek School District will call a "Delayed Start" when early morning conditions are not deemed serious enough to close school, but are likely to cause delays. School bus stop pickup times and school times may be delayed.  This information will be available on the district web site (, area hotlines and local TV and radio stations as soon as practicable. When a Delayed Start schedule is called elementary schools are delayed for ONE HOUR.  That means that Trails West will start at 9:00.  When there is a Delayed Start ALL morning activities and clubs are cancelled.  Before & After Care will operate during their normal hours (you must be signed up for Before & After Care to attend).

    When early morning weather and road conditions or other emergency situations are deemed hazardous, the district may announce closure of schools through the web site, a Connect Ed message, area hotlines and local TV and radio stations as soon as practicable. If you see that Cherry Creek School District is closed, do not send your child to school. Trails West Elementary will be closed.  You may see that the North Area, East Area or West Area of CCSD has been closed.  If Trails West is closed, then Before & After Care is closed as well.


    lightning Rainstorms and Lightning

    Lightning and heavy rain may delay dismissal. This is not something we plan in advance. Often, the decision is made 10-20 minutes before school ends.  We will post delayed dismissal weather signs at all of the entrances and put a blue flag out in front of the school (weather permitting) when the decision to delay dismissal is determined.  If possible, we will also send a Connect Ed message out to all families.  If you are anxious to pick up your child, please park your vehicle appropriately, bring your photo ID, and we will assist you.  During delayed dismissals, we will release parents in small groups to sign students out from the classrooms at 2:45 pm.  If you are picking up students other than your own, you will be directed to the main office for us to verify that you have permission to pick up those students.  Please call the office to let us know if you are sending someone else to pick up your child or make sure that they are listed on your parent forms. 


    tornado Tornados

    The school is equipped with a weather radio that is on at all times, so we are well prepared for dangerous weather patterns. A "Tornado Watch" means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes and we will continue to conduct school and dismissal as normal, although we may not have outdoor activities. If there is a "Tornado Warning," this means that severe weather has been observed and that immediate action must be taken.  When we receive this alert, we go into our safe areas throughout the school.  We remain in these safe areas until the warning ends. It is important for you to know that when we are under a warning and in our safe areas STUDENTS WILL NOT BE RELEASED AND THE FRONT DOORS WILL NOT BE OPENED.  The office staff will be sheltering in place in their safe location and will not be able to answer the phones.  During a Tornado Warning it is safest for you to remain in a safe area at your home or place of work.

Last Modified on June 3, 2019