Choosing to SOAR

  • We are very excited to fully implement the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program at Heritage Elementary.

    It's not what you get, it's what you are becoming!

    Over the years at Heritage, we have recognized students who SOAR in:

    • Safety
    • Ownership
    • Attitude
    • Respect

    At school, we recognize children who SOAR as one way to motivate our students to become a person who is kind, caring and courteous, succeeds academically, develops good habits, makes positive choices, leads the way, and keeps friendships.

    Classroom teachers bring together their students in each grade to recognize and present SOAR awards to students who consistently meet our SOAR expectations.

    To receive a SOARING Leadership Award, students must consistently SOAR in each area of Safety, Ownership, Attitude and Respect.  Our expectations are:  


    • I choose to be safe today
      • In the classroom
      • In the school
      • On the playground
    • I choose to try my hardest and to learn and help others learn today
    • Listen and follow directions
    • Honor others' learning
    • Complete assignments
    • Complete homework
    • I choose to use kind words and actions today
    • Treat others like I want to be treated
    • Be considerate of others and everyone's unique qualities
    • Use manners
    • I choose to take care of the school environment today
    • Take care of my things in the hall: backpack, coats, lunch
    • Help keep the classroom, lunchroom, hallways and bathroom clean
    • Help take care of playground equipment by putting it away
Last Modified on May 31, 2019