Due to increasing enrollment, attendance lines are not answered directly; therefore, please leave a VOICE MAIL WITHIN 48 HOURS.
    Please include:

    • your student's name (spelling the last name)
    • your name
    • phone number
    • reason for absence.

    Appointments/Early Dismissals
    For early dismissals or urgent messages, please press 1 and leave a message for an attendance assistant. Call attendance at least two hours in advance to arrange for your student to meet you out front at a specific time or send your student with a note to obtain an early dismissal pass before school begins. Please have your student stop in the attendance office to pick up their early dismissal pass.

    Attendance Concerns
    If you believe your student was marked unexcused in error, your student should communicate directly with their teacher to clear up the discrepancy.  Corrections will be made by the teacher.  

  • A - Led 

    Lee - Z 

    *Please call day of absence by 9:00 a.m.