• Career & Technical Education



    This course is the Management Team of the Endeavor School Store, “The Snack Shack”.  Students assist in running the daily operation of The Snack Shack for ninety-six minutes each day.  Other elements of management include product purchasing and pricing, advertising, profit analysis, customer service training, and maintaining a clean and sanitized work space.


    ACE Career Development -Application

    This course is designed for students to create an individual post-secondary plan that outlines steps toward their chosen career field and will be introduced  to personal financial literacy and independent living skills, and post high school agency resources. Based on their personal strengths, barriers, interest, and career cluster choices, as well as short and long term goals, students will conduct specific career research to develop an individualized plan for their career pathway. Teachers will facilitate a career strengths-ability match assessment. Workplace problem solving, career exploration, and professional communication will be supported through CTSO (SC2) activities and  involvement. Technical skill attainment will be demonstrated through real-world work based learning experiences such as part time employment or volunteering, job shadows, industry interviews, internships, or apprenticeships.



    This course is a Career and Technical Education class for Practical Fine Art credit.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills through student led activities throughout the school year.  Curriculum will be project based.  Other topics covered will include:  leadership style, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, and group/teamwork.  Students enrolling in this class should be motivated and self-directed.


    ACE Career Development Foundations

    This class is designed to help students understand and explore the personal and employability skills that are foundational to successfully transitioning into the workplace.   Students will be able to define” who am I?”; they will articulate their personal strengths, barriers, interests, and career cluster choices. Students will engage in  personal development, self discipline skills, interpersonal communication, leadership, critical thinking, and ethical decision making for the tools necessary to pursue a career path.  Students will demonstrate successful job search strategies, employability skills, complete job applications, write a resume, and engage in mock interviews.  Teachers will facilitate career exploration, and professional communication through CTSO (SC2) activities and involvement. Technical skill attainment will be demonstrated through real-world work based learning experiences such as professional guest speakers, career tours and events, mentoring, and part time employment or volunteering  in school, the community or internship.



    This is a real-life personal finance class for young adults.  The focus is on the “need-to-know” financial related topics utilized daily by adults in the “real world”.  Units of study will vary from wages and payroll to rental housing, financial credit and banking/taxes.  This is a fast paced course with note taking, group work, internet research, and open note quizzes and final exams.