It's the RAPTOR Way

  • At Eaglecrest, we pride ourselves in creating and fostering the whole-student experience, encouraging students to connect with one of the many different clubs and/or organzations, play a sport, and succeed academically. All of these attributes can be reflected through the RAPTOR way.


    The resources in this section will help you successfully navigate student life during your time at Eaglecrest.

Letter from Student Body President

  • Dear Eaglecrest Students,

    As we embark on a new school year, many of us are anxious for it to end, especially my fellow seniors. We may think high school is just an endless compilation of papers, homework, exams, and standardized tests, we forget about all memories waiting to happen. 

    While many of us ache for the “next step” in life, I want to encourage you to focus on the now. And don’t wait until you’re a senior to do this—high school comes to an end much faster than you think it does. And while it can be daunting to sit next to that person you don’t know or join a new club, it’s worth it. Don’t talk yourself out of trying new things by picturing those worst-case scenarios; you’re only limiting yourself. Doubt kills more dreams than failure does. I know failure seems scary, but just remember you are stronger than those who didn’t even try. 

    The unknown may even surprise you. By reaching out and getting involved, you learn more about yourself and your interests. And take advantage of where we go to school. Eaglecrest has a campus like no other. The diversity and pride within our school is what makes our community special. And waiting until you’re an upperclassman to participate is only going to make you miss out. So scream your class and school chants with pride and create more “firsts” than “lasts.”

    I’ve also come to realize that high school isn’t like the movies. While I have some great moments that I will cherish forever, I also remember failing my first test and getting into an argument with my best friend. These moments may be grueling to think back on, but they are what eventually motivate you to become better. Throughout the years, I’ve met people whose challenges were much bigger than mine and put mine into perspective. I’ve learned from those who have faced real struggle and those who always seem to have a smile on their face. So don’t just learn from yourself but also from those around you.

    While you may think you’re over high school and ready to graduate, you’ll eventually look back and wonder where the time went. Moments are powerful. No matter how great or awful they can be, they hold significance in your life. So before you walk across that stage and flip your tassel, cherish every moment. And most importantly, always remember what it means to be a Raptor. 

    Sincerely,Student Body President

    Dulce Garcia

    Your Student Body President