• The Infinity Experience


    The three years of middle school are a time of accelerated growth opportunities, challenge and adventure for students. We are honored to inspire your child(ren) during this special time in their lives.  Infinity's primary goal is to partner with families for the success of every student, academically, emotionally, and socially. Students develop at different rates and we must honor each of our students and their individuality, while meeting their need to be challenged, motivated and encouraged. We will facilitate learning, as well as opportunities for independence and interdependence within our school community. We are here to support our students and families and to ensure that our students reach their full academic potential.


    21st Century Learners

    Our students today must be equipped with certain core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving in order to ensure future success. Education experts widely believe that schools need to teach these skills to help student thrive in today's world. We are committed to empowering students to compete at the highest levels by planning rigorous instruction, which incorporates these 21st Century skills.



    Co-Teaching, or Collaborative Teaching, is coordinated instructional practice in which two or more educators simultaneously work with students in a classroom. Co-teaching partners spend time planning together, share instructional responsibilities and reflect on their practices as a team. This model brings more expertise to the classroom, supports instructional interventions in a short time frame and models partnership and collaboration for students. Research in the field of co-teaching has shown that students in a co-taught class show increased fluency with vocabulary and reading comprehension, as well as increase of overall achievement on academic tests.​


    Academic Calendar

    The academic calendar is organized into four quarters lasting approximately nine weeks each. Core classes last all year—four quarters. Some elective classes, also last all year, while other elective classes, last one semester—two quarters. Academic grades are calculated each quarter. Report cards will be distributed via email.