Academics at Campus

  • Scabble tiles with school related terms The CMS faculty and staff are excited to welcome you to a new school year! CMS strives to support individuals in realizing their academic and social potential by offering a challenging, comprehensive curriculum along with an enriching elective/ exploratory program. Our faculty has developed a full range of course offerings, ranging from remediation classes that support student gains of up to two years in core skills to accelerated courses that include access to the nationally recognized advanced programs at Cherry Creek High School, co-located on our campus. To support students in optimal academic growth, teachers are available throughout the day and after school to work with individuals as needed.

    Our elective/exploratory program also allows adolescents to experience a full array of school topics from the arts to the sciences. CMS has a challenging and fun world language program spanning beginning to advanced study in Spanish. The extensive music program, which includes orchestra, band, and vocal music, accommodates the novice musician as well as the more advanced artist. Students may also explore the world of computer technology, industrial technology, and the visual arts.

    With a strong belief in addressing the needs of the whole child, CMS also offers a wide variety of extracurricular programs including athletics, artistic performance, community service, and high-interest clubs. Students are encouraged to extend their school day by being active in one or more of our many extracurricular opportunities.

    Finally, an important component of the CMS program is a consistent focus on students setting and realizing short- and long-term goals. Teachers and counselors work with individuals to make sound choices for their academic growth and emotional enrichment. We work with Cherry Creek High School to ensure our students build a strong foundation at CMS in order to be successful at CCHS and in higher education. Counselors assist our students with any personal or social concerns and meet with academic teams to ensure that individual needs are met.

    Please feel free to contact your student’s counselor at 720-554-2705 with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with parents and students to ensure that each individual has a wonderful and challenging experience!

Last Modified on July 18, 2022