Activities and Clubs

  • After School Activities and Clubs:


    Falcon Creek Middle School offers a variety of opportunities for students to engage in after-school activities and clubs. We encourage all students to pursue their interests and passions through extracurricular activities. The more involved a student is within their school, the better they will achieve and feel connected. Please be sure to talk with your student about staying after school and be sure your student communicates with you about which club or activity and on the day that your student plans on staying after to participate. After-school activities run from 3:45 to 4:40 Monday – Thursday. Some groups meet before school, so students may participate in other activities after school.

    The following is a list of clubs and activities at Falcon Creek:

  • Affinity Groups

    Arab Boys

    Thursdays | After-School | W220

    Peggy Arbuthnot 720-886-7679

    Jamie Hiegert 720-886-7643

    Arab Girls

    TBD | After-School | E230

    Cat Summers 720- 886-6754

    Asian Boys

    TBD | During Lunch | TBD

    Corbin Woodward 720-886-7722

    Asian Girls

    TBD | During Lunch | TBD

    Dr. Molly Baird (720) 886-7724

    Black/African-American Boys Group 

    6th every Friday, 7th every other Friday, 8th every other Tuesday | During Lunch | W221

    Harun Hazim 720-886-7741

    Black/African-American Girls Group

    Thursdays | After-School | Room W215

    Antointette Bell 720-886-7676

    Gay Straight Alliance Group

    TBD | After-School | W220

    Corbin Woodward 720-886-7722

    Hispanic/Latino Boys

    Every other Friday | During Lunch | W221 (6th)/ Mega (7th/8th) Room

    Briana Hanson 720-886-7723

    Hispanic/Latina Girls

    Wednesdays | After-School | W213

    Kimberly Gillespie 720-886-7674

  • Beginning Band Boot Camp

    Tuesdays | After-School | Room A282 (Band/Orchestra Room)

    First Meeting: Tuesdays

    Curtis Westbook 720-886-7656

    This club is intended for beginning wind and percussion students who are enrolled in 7th grade or 8th grade band electives to continue practicing their instruments.

  • Beginning Orchestra Boot Camp

    Thursdays | After-School | Room A282 (Band/Orchestra Room)

    First Meeting: Tuesdays

    Curtis Westbook 720-886-7656

    This is a club intended for beginning musicians enrolled in 7th or 8th grade orchestra electives who want to continue practicing their string instruments after school. 

  • Creative Writing

    Tuesdays | After-School | Room MEGA Room

    First Meeting: September 20th

    Holly Dixon 720-886-7637

    Matt Fellers 720-886-7662

    Creative writing club is a place to be a part of a community that loves to use words to create worlds. It’s a place to learn more about the craft of creative writing, complete a portfolio of finished pieces, and connect with other students who share your love of writing. 

  • Math League

    Mondays | After-School | Room E114 (6th) / E122 (7th & 8th)

    First Meeting: September 12th

    Rachel Oline 720-886-7634

    Edi Munoz 720-886-7634

    Math League is a district wide competition series that runs throughout the first semester of the school year.  Come join and engage in challenging math competition problems! 

    Math League Flyer

  • Robotics Club

    Tuesdays | After-School | Room C215

    First Meeting: August 30th

    Mike Kelly 720-886-7667

    In Robotics Club, we program EV3s, VEX Robots and many more to prepare and compete in the district RoboCon competition in the Spring. 

  • Spanish Club

    Mondays | After-School | Room W203 (Spanish Room)

    First Meeting: TBD

    Maria Garcia 720-886-7669

    FMS Spanish Club will bring together students (and staff members!) who want to learn more about the Spanish language, traditions, and culture. Brought to you by our very own Spanish teacher, there will be lessons, music, foods, and even more! Our first big event: preparing and decorating for Spanish Heritage Month.

  • Spelling Bee

    Wednesdays | After-School | Room E115 (GT Room)

    First Meeting: September 28

    Sena Black 720-886-7737

    Spelling Bee is an after-school club for students who love words and vocabulary. We will learn words, play games, and prepare for the school and district bees. 

  • STEMBlazers / Girls Who Code

    8/30, 9/13, 9/27, 10/11, 11/1, 11/15, 12/6 | After-School | W202 (by Main Office)

    First meeting: August 30th

    Edi Munoz 720-886-7627

    During the 2022-2023 school year, Cherry Creek School District will be partnering with STEMblazers and Girls Who Code to offer an after-school club at all 12 middle schools approximately 2-3 times a month. STEMBlazers inspires girls to visualize themselves in science, technology, engineering and math professions. 

    To learn more about STEMBlazers:

    Semester 2 Meeting Dates - Girls Who Code (stay tuned)

    To learn more about Girls Who Code:

  • Yearbook

    Wednesdays | After-School | Room A289 (Art Room)

    First Meeting: September 14th

    Lisa Pike 720-886-7658

    Becca Tessarolo 720-886-7732

    This year our Yearbook Club will be open to all grades. Do you like taking pictures, interested in learning design and photography skills, or want to interview staff and students? Yearbook Club is for you! We will be meeting every Wednesday in the Art Room. By joining, you understand you might be held responsible for handling expensive equipment as well as attending out-of-school events (track meets, basketball games, concerts, musicals, and more!). This responsibility can also include taking pictures at school events and in classrooms, learning the editing process, and how to work with others, all while developing strong leadership skills. 



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