Attendance and Bell Schedule


    What to do if your student is absent:

    Call our Automated Attendance line at 720-886-5260. 

    Leave a message including:

    • Your student’s name, spelling the last name
    • The date(s) of absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Your relationship with the student

    Or, complete the Laredo Middle School Attendance Form

    Our Attendance Clerk will then update Power School with the appropriate attendance code and you should not receive an automated phone call about an unexcused absence.


    What to do if your student needs an early departure from school:

    When you or your designee arrive to pick up your student:

    • Please go to the school's main entrance and ring the Security Buzzer.
    • Advise your name and the name of the student you are picking up.
    • Make sure to bring your government-issued ID
    • School personnel will call your student's classroom and send your student directly to the Security Office.
    • You must sign the Early Departure log confirming your name, the student's name, and the time of departure.
    • While waiting for your students, please remain in the Security Lobby or outside the school building.