• RISE pillars



    The Honor Code of Fox Ridge Middle School is founded on the RISE pillar of Integrity. In an attempt to encourage students to demonstrate integrity, please note the following examples:
    Examples of doing your work in an appropriate manner:
     Turning in work done alone with the help of teachers.
     Submitting one assignment for a group of students if group work was permitted.
     Offering, taking suggestions or general help on an assignment, unless otherwise instructed not to do so.

    Examples of violations of the Honor Code:

     Looking for answers during quizzes, tests, or assessments, or talking to another student during a test.
     Giving information to another student on a test or quiz or copying another person’s work.
     Several people writing one assignment and turning in multiple copies without teachers’ permission/direction.
     Allowing someone else to turn in your work, as his/her own.
     Using hidden information during a test or quiz.
     Exchanging answers with someone, when it is stated that an individual effort is expected.
     Copying information off of electronic resources and representing it as your original work unless footnoted as coming from electronic resources.
     Forging notes, permission slips or signatures.