Dear Parents/Guardians of Horizon Community Middle School Students,

    Welcome to Horizon Middle School!  I am excited to meet you and your student as they begin their middle school journey.  My primary goal as your school nurse is to promote the health and safety of your student while they are attending HMS.


    If your student will be out sick or not attending school, remember to call the attendance line at 720-886-6111.


    As you prepare for your student's entry into middle school, you must provide written proof of childhood immunizations against vaccine-preventable diseases must be up-to-date as required by Colorado state law (C.R.S #25-4-900).  Many of you submitted this to Cherry Creek School District when you registered your child or it has carried over from a CCSD elementary school.  If you have not already submitted this important form, you can do this by calling your pediatrician or family doctor to schedule an appointment NOW. 

    If you receive a letter stating that your student's immunization record is not compliant, please take care of it ASAP.  Do not wait until the last minute to obtain these important shots.  There are opportunities to receive immunizations free of charge or at a reduced rate.  

    Your doctor's office can also fax a completed immunization record directly to me at the school:  720-886-6212.   You can call me at 720-886-6210 if you have any questions about which immunizations are required.


    Many of our students have health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, allergies to foods or medications, epilepsy/seizure disorders, or other chronic illnesses that we should know about in order to keep them safe and healthy while at HMS.  If YOUR student has any health issues, it is very important to note them in PowerSchool under the medical information page.  If health concerns are significant, please contact me before the start of the school year so we can plan for any nursing care your child might need while attending school.  Be sure to update any changes to your student's health throughout the year in PowerSchool and contact me via phone or e-mail (

    NOTE: Height and weight will be screened for all 7th graders and any new students to the district.  Vision and hearing are also screened along with height and weight.  If you choose to opt-out of any screenings, please contact the school nurse ASAP.


    finally, include all important health information and up-to-date phone numbers on your Emergency Information/Contact Card.  If possible, we recommend adding additional contact(s) in case we cannot reach you.

    We look forward to a healthy and great school year!  Know you can always contact me with any questions or concerns about your student's health and safety at school. We look forward to having your student here at HMS!

     In good health,

     Nicole Doornik, RN, BSN
     Sue Roche, Health Tech

    Horizon Community Middle School Clinic
    clinic phone: Nicole: 720-886-6210 or Sue: 720-886-6204 
    clinic fax:  720-886-6212