• Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!


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    Student Expectations

    By design, we are excellence and opportunity, support and collaboration, sincerity and inspiration.


    Welcome to a new year at WEST! Your teachers are excited for all that is ahead of you this year as you prepare for high school and beyond. We offer our knowledge, our dedication and our commitment to understanding each of you so that you may become a life-long learner. You are asked to demonstrate the West Middle School motto of C.A.R.E. so that we can work together on your success.


     C        Community

    • Follow school rules and the rules of the classroom
    • Come prepared
    • Participate
    • Take responsibility for your actions


     A        Achievement

    • Do your best
    • Know your purpose for learning
    • Follow through on commitments
    • Bring a positive attitude
    • Ask for help!


    R        Respect

    • Listen
    • Honor personal space and property
    • Treat others how you wish to be treated


     E        Equity

    • Value different perspectives
    • Appreciate other cultures
    • Use respectful language