General Information about Athletics

  • Registration:

    Falcon Creek is a member of the Cherry Creek Middle School Athletic League and participates in interscholastic competition with other Cherry Creek middle schools. At the middle school level, there is a "no cut" policy, which means that every participant who works to improve skills, attends practice regularly, and demonstrates positive sportsmanship will play. There is no registration for athletic teams. Athletes need only show up for the first day of practice with payment (if not done prior to the first day of practice) and an Athletic Emergency Card signed by a parent/guardian. A physical is not required. Please print the Emergency Card below and return it the first day of practice. In addition, there will be a fee to participate in each sport. Announcements will be made during the year reminding students about times and dates for each sport.

    Athletic Emergency Card

    Athletic Teams and Fees at Falcon Creek:

    • Boys and Girls Track (all Grades) $60

      Track is a fall sport in Cherry Creek. Each school has 5 dual track meets and the season ends with the District Track meet against every middle school in the district.
      Track begins August 14th and ends September 21st.
    • Girls Basketball $60 (8th grade) $30 (6th and 7th grade)

    • Boys Basketball $60 (8th grade) $30 (6th and 7th grade)

    • Wrestling (all Grades) $60

    • Volleyball $60 (8th grade) $30 (6th and 7th grade)

      Please direct all questions to Julie Cummings, Athletic and Activities Director, 720-886-7732

    General Information 

    Please fill out and print this Athletic Emergency Card to turn in before practice. You may also email the completed form to Julie Cummings. 


    develop and practice the skills of the sport
    build sportsmanship and team play 


    every day after school except Friday 
    If your child does not ride the late bus or walk home, please arrange to pick up your child at 4:45 pm.


    Will begin as close to 4:30 as possible-some schools are further away and start times will be later those meets
    It is a good idea to bring a folding chair to dual meets
    players must ride the bus to the away meet
    there is no late bus after meets
    players are allowed to ride home with their parents after away meets- after notifying the coach