Our School



    The Challenge School is a magnet school for motivated students and gifted learners. Cherry Creek School District's mission of dedication to excellence and equity provides us with the guidance to develop the best educational setting for all children where all students will be inspired to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care.  

    It is our goal to spark the intellectual curiosity within our students and foster learning as a life-long process.  We teach students to recognize their abilities and build upon their strengths. Through a rigorous academic program, we encourage our students to become compassionate, critical, and creative thinkers able to communicate their ideas with impact.

    We take pride in nurturing the whole child in our Connections classes where we teach character development, executive functioning skills, and flexible mindset. Through our immersion program, mini-course, academic pursuits, multi-age classes and after school activities, Challenge School provides learning opportunities that embrace and transcend the teaching of traditional school subjects.

    Our students acquire a genuine love for learning and the disciplined habits needed to guide them throughout their educational career and lives.  Through our school community’s collaboration and support, we can inspire, empower, and challenge all students.

Last Modified on June 5, 2021