• Course offerings


    Cherry Creek Elevation will offer robust course options to meet the needs of all students. To view our course listings, please refer to our course guide.

    20/21 Course Guide


    Students at Cherry Creek Elevation can take classes at CCIC!  For a list of courses offered at CCIC, please view their course catalog. *Registration for CCIC is currently closed.  Please visit their website for more information.

    CCIC Course Catalog


    Academic Policies


    Attendance Policy: Students show attendance by submitting one assignment per week in Canvas. This includes but is not limited to one assignment, participation in a discussion group, an assessment or quiz.


    Due Dates: Due dates for assignments: Course units begin on Tuesday morning and end at midnight on Monday. Students will receive a 20% reduction in grade for late work. 


    Click Days: These days are defined as online learning days. Students complete online lessons and projects.


    Brick Days: These days are defined as weekly attendance at the Cherry Creek Elevation located in the Cherry Creek Schools Fremont Building.



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