• Remote Learning Message

    Hi OHS Parents and Students,

    The Overland Counseling Department is here for you during this time unique time. We are committed to helping you during this period of Remote Learning. The best method of getting in touch with your Counselor is through e-mail. Counselors are also using additional methods of communication that they can discuss with you after an initial e-mail.

    We Miss You and Hope to See you Soon!

Counseling and Post Grad

  • The mission of OHS counselors is to prepare ALL students to be career/college ready by providing students with the tools to plan a meaningful course of study, assisting students to academically achieve, and helping them grow and develop as lifelong learners.

Post Grad Office

  • image of staircase leading to Post Grad

    2nd floor of the IST building

    Post Grad Coordinator & Post Grad Specialist
    GT Counselor
    School Psychologist
    Records Office
    Scholarship & College Resources
    Computer Access

    Contact Us
    picture of Steve Sewell
    Steve Sewell, Post Grad Specialist

Counseling Office

  • image of door leading to counseling office

    1st floor of the OHS building in Suite A

    Counselors for grades 9, 10, 11, 12
    Counseling Secretary
    Computer Access

    Contact Us
    picture of Laura Clark
    Laura Clark, Counseling Secretary