• Report an absence before 2:00pm on the day of the absence.

    Attendance Google Form:  click here
    notify OHS of absence/tardy online

    Attendance Phone Number: 720-747-3995
    all-day absence or late arrival

    Attendance Phone Number: 720-747-3996
    early release

    Attendance Phone Number: 720-747-3997

Attendance Procedures

  • Notify OHS of an Absence/Tardy Online

    When a student is absent, missed instructional time is impossible to replace. Overland High School is dedicated to ensuring your child attends school to the greatest extent possible, and with the proper support and structures in place, they will be successful. Colorado state law requires every child between the ages of six (6) and seventeen to regularly attend school.

    For the protection of students and the accurate monitoring of attendance, please follow the procedures below:

    Report an absence online or call the Attendance Voicemail line prior to 2:00 p.m. on the day of the absence. Attendance lines are not answered directly. When calling, please leave:

    1.  Student’s name (spelling the last name)

    2. Date of absence and total time out missed

    3. Reason for absence

    4. Grade of student

    5. Parent/Guardian’s name

    6. Phone number you can be reached. Please inform us of changes in home or work phone numbers.


    Attendance Phone Number for all-day absence or late arrival: (720) 747-3995

    Attendance Phone Number for early release: (720) 747-3996

    Attendance Phone Number Español: (720) 747-3997


    A tardy is considered as missing the first ten minutes of a class period. All students must check in at a tardy station if they are tardy. We have three (3) tardy carts located around our building: one in the A/B Hallway, one in the C/D Hallway, and one in the main entrance of IST.

    Students who are more than ten (10) minutes late for any class will be recorded as an unexcused present.

    Last Names A-Ln: Baird or Woods  Last Names Lo-Z: Henderson or Winnerman

    Remember, reporting an absence or tardy does not mean it will be excused. For a complete list of excused absences, please refer to CCSD Board Policy JH listed below.

    To arrange for your student’s early dismissal and/or appointment, send a note with your student to obtain an early dismissal pass from the Attendance Office before school begins. If you need your student for immediate release, call the main office at 720-747-3700 for assistance. Students who leave without following the above procedure will be referred to the Dean.

    Absences that are not excused within 48 hours will require a Dean’s approval for changing an absence to “Excused”.

    If you believe your student was marked tardy or absent in error, your student should communicate directly with their teacher to clear up any discrepancy. If any correction needs to be made, your student’s teacher will email the attendance office with any corrections needed. Due to call volume, the attendance office cannot contact your student’s teacher for you.

    Our computerized parent notification system will contact you twice a day to inform you of unexcused absences. A call to the Attendance Office to excuse the absence on the day of the absence will prevent the computer from calling you. Every effort is made to update PowerSchool in a timely manner; however, changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect in your student’s record. We appreciate your help in following these procedures. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your student’s Dean.

    Baird:  (720) 747-3703

    Henderson:  (720) 747-3809

    Winnerman:  (720) 747-3704

    Woods:  (720) 747-3640


    To ensure your child attends school to the greatest extent possible, we had to revamp our former attendance process.  Below is our plan to address tardiness and absenteeism here at Overland High School through academic interventions and support. District guidelines for tardies and absences are the same (see CCSD Board Policy JH); however, our interventions within the building had to change in order to recover academic instruction missed. For a breakdown of the attendance interventions, please click here

    The following shall be considered excused absences:

    1. A student who is temporarily ill or injured, or whose absence is approved by the administrator of the school of attendance on a pre-arranged basis.  Pre-arranged absences shall be approved for appointments or circumstances of a serious nature only, which cannot be taken care of outside of school hours.

    2. A student who is absent for an extended period due to physical, mental or emotional disability.

    3. A student who is pursuing a work-study program under the supervision of the school.

    4. A student who is attending any school-sponsored activity or activities of an educational nature with advance approval by the administration.

    5. A student who is absent in observance of an established religious holiday.

    6. A student whose absence is approved by the building principal at the request of the parent or guardian.

    7. A student who is suspended or expelled.


    The District may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written statements from medical sources.

    If a student in an out-of-home placement (as that term is defined by C.R.S. § 22-32-138(1)(e), is absent due to court appearances and participation in court-ordered activities, such absences shall be excused.  The student’s assigned social worker shall verify the student’s absence was for a court appearance or court-ordered activity.

    For questions or concerns regarding your student’s bus being consistently late, please contact District Transportation at 720-554-4664, Option 2 between the hours of 5:30am-6:00pm. 


Attendance Grid

Attendance Office

  • The Attendance Office is inside the Deans' Office, on the back side of Suite C.

    Maddie Keil | Attendance Clerk


  • The  Deans' Office is located on the back side of Suite C.

    Shantell Buckhalton | Deans' Assistant

    Will Baird:  720-747-3703
    Evan Henderson:  720-747-3809
    Alyssa Winnerman:  720-747-3704
    Bri Woods:  720-747-3640

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