Academics Elementary School

  • Team A Kindergarten

    Kindergarten literacy includes decoding words, reading strategies, word study, phonics, phonemic awareness (sound), shared reading, guided reading (reading groups), interactive read alouds, and narrative, informational and opinion writing.  Kindergarten math develops concepts around the number 5, but Challenge students work with higher numbers.  Social studies includes a civics units where we learn how school works and why rules are important, a traditions around the world unit, and an economics units focused on needs and wants.  Science includes a unit on wood and paper and a life science unit comparing and contrasting different animals (fish, worms, pill bugs).  


    Team B First and Second Grades



    Team C Third and Fourth Grades

    Students begin their day in Connections, which is a morning meeting for character education, study hall and vocabulary development. The rest of the day is organized around blocks for literacy, math, science, and social studies, ending with mini-course. Curriculum is designed around Colorado State Standards, Cherry Creek Innovative Standards, 21st Century Skills and relevant subject matter. Team C students rotate through Encore and Spanish classes. 


    Units of Study

    Language Arts: Biography Autobiography, Historic Fiction, and Science Fiction
    Science: Landforms, Electricity, and Adaptations 
    Social Studies: Colorado History  and Civics and Economics