Academics Overview

  • Academics at Challenge School


    While at Challenge students take part in a rigorous academic journey through eighth grade supported by the collaborative efforts of their peers, teachers, and parents.  Unique programming includes standards-based core curriculum enhanced with Connections, EnCore, Spanish, Mini-courses, and an Immersion Program.

    The peer support piece is implemented and encouraged by our multi-aged classrooms. Our Elementary School is organized as Team A - Kindergarten, Team B - 1st and 2nd grade, and Team C - 3rd and 4th grade. In our Middle School, we have Team D - 5th and 6th grade, and Team E - 7th and 8th grade.

    All students starts their day with Connections; in addition to community-building, students learn about bully-proofing, safety, community service, team building, executive functioning skills and study skills.

    EnCore, or "enhancing the core," is comprised of Media, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Technology, Spanish, and Visual Arts. The Encore program is designed to integrate core classroom content with project based learning. The goal is to reinforce the learning with engaging, thought provoking lessons and projects.

    Mini-courses are student-selected courses for exploring individual areas of interest. Courses such as Robotics, Socratic Seminar, Steampunk, and Maker Space are a few examples of courses offered. In middle school, mini-course rotations occur every six weeks, while students rotate more frequently in elementary school.

    Immersion courses happen two times during the school year. These are week-long, multi-age, in-depth explorations. The Immersion Program is original to Challenge and is a part of our unique identity.


Last Modified on October 24, 2023