Our Mission and Vision

  • Challenge School Mission

    Our purpose is to inspire and challenge advanced students to achieve and grow in all aspects of their development and to contribute positively in society.                   


    Challenge School Vision

     Challenge School staff is committed to:

    • ​​Engage our students: cognitively, behaviorally, and affectively.
    • ​Differentiate to make learning relevant, rigorous, and purposeful.       

    • Teach positive behaviors, provide clear expectations, and set rituals and routines.   

    • Establish and maintain caring relationships so everyone feels valued and included.

    • Ignite and sustain passion in learning.


    Design unique learning opportunities.

    • Develop lessons which elicit critical, analytical, and creative thinking.

    Embrace differences.

    • Value students as unique contributors to the school community.

    Practice collaboration.

    • Adapt with change by working with colleagues, students, and families.

    Provide support.

    • Empower students to take risks, think flexibly, and advocate for themselves.

    • Encourage purposeful effort, perseverance, and a positive outlook.

    Hold high expectations for all.

    • Believe our professional skills will result in every student achieving full potential.

    Build a safe learning environment.  

    • Nurture a culture of empathy and kindness.

    • Anticipate, prepare, and practice to ensure physical safety.

    Continue to learn and grow collectively.

    • Engage in meaningful, current professional learning.

Last Modified on June 20, 2019