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    At Cherry Creek Elevation, we are committed to ensuring each student has a personalized curriculum to meet their needs.  Elevation is an enriched virtual model with a wide range of rigorous courses that meet the CCSD course requirements and standards found in any school in the district. Students who are interested in activities and athletics not offered by Elevation could potentially participate at their neighborhood school.  Classes are delivered in an online platform but there are synchronous and asynchronous (both live and recorded) to support student learning and provide a hands-on, real-world learning opportunity.  Our high school courses are also NCAA approved.

    Students Served

    Students in grades 6-12, who reside in Cherry Creek School District, can enroll as a full time or part-time student. Part-time students can enroll as long as they are enrolled at their neighborhood CCSD school full time.  Our students are typically independent learners who are motivated to earn a diploma, they are good at time management, and are able to advocate for themselves.

    Programming Options

    Full-Time:  Students who enroll for full-time programming at Elevation will maintain a full-time course load (5 or more classes) with us.  This programming option focuses on promoting growth for students who have demonstrated previous academic success (in online or traditional settings) and provides targeted and personalized support for all students, including those who may have struggled in the past.  Students who meet the CCSD graduation requirements will receive a diploma from our school.

    Part-Time: Our hybrid model allows students to take up to 2 classes through our school while maintaining a full-time schedule at their neighborhood CCSD school.


    We follow the conventional calendar and our grading periods occur quarterly.

    Technology Requirments

    Students must also have access to reliable, high-speed internet at home and a working computer (PC or Mac).

    What is the application process?

    Enrollment information and applications will be found on our website.  Enrollment occurs continuously and enrollment for both full and part-time students begins with an application.  Additionally, full-time students will also complete an orientation, learner profile, and interview before enrollment will be offered.

    What support services do you provide?

    IEP/504/ALP/ELS students who choose Online Learning will receive supports and services commensurate with the limitations of the online platform.