Challenge School Values

  • Challenge School Values

    We believe in the education of the whole child, and our values are reflected daily in everything we do. 

    Our students are expected to abide by our values in the classroom, recess, lunch room, and beyond!


    Pack values


    Reinforcing our P.A.C.K. Values:

    Leader of the Pack Award

    Weekly, the teachers recognize a couple of students that have demonstrated outstanding behavior compatible to our P.A.C.K. values. They will be called to the office at the beginning of each Friday to get their "Leader of the P.A.C.K." award as well as a souvenir, and their names will be displayed in our weekly newsletter, Wolf Tracks.

    P.A.C.K. Stickers

    Our teachers are encouraged to recognize P.A.C.K proof behaviors throughout the day, at any time. The students will be awarded a "Part of the P.A.C.K." sticker when they exemplifiy these behaviors.

    Part of the Pack sticker



Last Modified on July 9, 2019