School Policies and Handbooks

  • 2023–2024 Student Handbook

    Overland Student Handbook 2023-2024(updated 7/12/23)

    Behavioral Expectations: A Code of Conduct

    We are a caring community which strives for academic excellence while celebrating our diversity, personal integrity, and mutual respect. We promote a safe and positive learning environment where we take responsibility for our growth. We trust that we can challenge ourselves to reach our highest goals. 

    Own the Zone

    • Attend Class
    • Show respect
    • Come prepared to learn
    • Be on time
    • Be accountable
    • Value academics

    Make Learning the Top Priority

    Each student is expected to give a personal best effort each day. Helping students to maximize their academic achievement and individual development will be the top priorities of the Overland High School staff. Students are responsible for coming to school with an attitude, which places learning and making the most of their talents and abilities as their top priorities. 

    Respect People

    Every student is entitled to learn in a safe environment, and every teacher is entitled to teach in a safe environment. Everyone at Overland High School is expected to treat others with dignity and respect at all times. 

    Respect the Facility

    To maintain our beautiful facility, each student must adopt an attitude of care and respect for the Overland High School building and grounds. Food and beverage items are not to be consumed in carpeted areas or hallways at any time. Students may eat only in the cafeteria.