• January/February Timeline 2020

    • Week of January 20:  Teachers of core classes will be recommending students in classes
    • Week of January 27: 
      • Students will be selecting their classes in their Social Studies classes starting on January 30, 31 and February 3, 4, and 5.
      • Counselors will be in these classes to guide students through this process. Students will receive their grade-level registration sheets, course guides, and registration instructions in their Social Studies classes. 
      • Students will select their electives, and they will select the classes you recommend for them for next year.
  • Registration Guides and Forms distributed mid-January.
    Students, ask your social studies teacher when counselors are coming to your class.

     Follow these steps to register for classes

    1. Refer to pages 3 and 4 for information pertaining to all graduation requirements and degree
    2. Each student will receive a Registration Guide for family consideration and will have access to a course description and registration guide online.
    3. Each student must complete registration through PowerSchool for the 2018-2019 school year. Students at Overland will complete a computer registration process to input course requests in January/February. Students at Prairie will meet with counselors and complete registration during the month of January/February.
    4. Ninth graders must enroll in a minimum of 7.5 credits. Blazer 101 will be added to your schedule and count as your 8th class during first semester. Tenth graders must enroll in a minimum of 7.0 classes. Eleventh graders must enroll in a minimum of 6.0 classes. Twelfth graders must enroll in a minimum of 5.0 classes. All students are required to take four core classes each semester. (Overland High School will develop a master schedule of courses based upon pre-registration requests.)
    5. Choose your courses and alternate courses carefully as schedule change opportunities are very limited. It is expected that students will take the courses they request.

    Registration Overview for 2019-2020