• Helpful Resources for Current CC Elevation Parents



    Attendance Policy

    Attendance is taken once per week. Students must submit at least 1 assignment per week per class to be marked present in a course.  All work must be submitted by Monday night at 11:59 pm to counted towards the week's attendance.

    Student Conduct and Discipline, Rights and Responsibilities 2019-2020

    To view and download a copy of the code of conduct, please click on the following link.

    Student Conduct and Discipline, Rights and Responsibilities 2019-2020

    Parent/Student Handbook

    For more information on school policies and procedures please see the Cherry Creek Elevation Parent/Student Handbook 19/20

    Cherry Creek Elevation Technology Agreement

    Check back soon for information regarding computer check out.  Technology Agreement.

    *Only full-time Elevation students are eligible to check out computers from Cherry Creek Elevation. 


    Tech Info

    Parent PowerSchool Information

    Parents are encouraged to make sure that the contact information is updated in PowerSchool to receive important school and district communications.  For assistance, please view the Online Parent Forms User Guide.

    Parent Canvas Information

    What is an Observer Account?

    As a Canvas Observer, you will be able to see your student's courses in Canvas.  An observer can see assignments, grades, teacher feedback, and course calendars.  Please click on the following link to watch a brief video on Observer Accounts.

    Canvas Observer Account Overview


    How are Observer Accounts Created?

    1.  Observers are paired with students through a pairing code that is generated from the student account.  This must be done first.  Watch the following video on how to generate a pairing code.

    How to Generate a Pairing Code for an Observer Account 


    2.  Once the pairing code is generated, an account can be created.  Click on the Observer Account Portal Access then complete the registration process. Watch the following video for assistance in creating the account. 

    How to sign up for an Observer Account


    3.  You may now begin to use your Canvas Observer Account.  Click on the following link for some quick tips to using the Observer Account. 

    Canvas Observer Account Quick Tips


    Canvas Observer accounts can also be accessed via the Canvas Parent App.  Look for the Canvas App in the App Store and download it to your smartphone or tablet. Our school name is listed as Cherry Creek Schools.

    Canvas Parent App Logo


    For more information on using the App, please watch the following video.

    Canvas Parent App Overview