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    Main: 720-747-2700

    Attendance: 720-747-2795

    Fax number: 720-747-2788



    Cherry Hills Village Elementary School

    2400 East Quincy Avenue

    Cherry Hills Village Colorado 80113


    Emergency Information

    To see the CHVE and CCSD Emergency Information, please click here.



    Cherry Hills Village Elementary began as a one-room school in 1886. It was originally named Breene Avenue School and was built on a dirt path that later became Quincy Avenue. A handful of students from surrounding farms were taught by one teacher.

    Around 1900, a larger frame building was erected. By 1930 more room was needed, so a brick addition was constructed. A short time later, fire struck and the building was lost. The new school, which included a library and gymnasium, was called Cherry Hills School. There were about 40 students spread over nine grades.

    When the School District decided to consolidate Cherry Hills and Village Heights Elementary Schools, a new building was erected on the site and given the name of Cherry Hills Village Elementary School. The new school opened in September 1984.



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