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Mrs. Ashley Gray

Dear Fox Families,


As we embark on another exciting school year at Fox Hollow, I want to take a moment to emphasize the core values that guide our community: making connections, being respectful, being safe, being responsible, and being a Fox!


Make Connections: Our school is a place where connections matter. Whether it's forming friendships, building relationships with teachers, or engaging with the community, we believe that meaningful connections enrich our learning environment and contribute to a positive atmosphere for everyone.


Be Respectful: Respect is the foundation of a harmonious school community. We encourage all students to treat one another, teachers, staff, and guests with kindness, empathy, and consideration. By embracing differences and practicing good manners, we create an inclusive space where everyone feels valued and appreciated.


Be Responsible: Responsibility is a skill that will serve our students well throughout their lives. Taking ownership of one's actions, assignments, and duties fosters a sense of accountability and prepares students for future challenges. Encouraging responsibility also helps create a sense of pride in our achievements.


Be Safe: Safety is our utmost priority. We have established protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure environment for all students and staff. By following safety procedures, we create a space where everyone can focus on learning and growing without unnecessary concerns.


Be a Fox: Our school mascot, Foxy, embodies qualities that we hold dear - adaptability, cleverness, and a strong sense of community. By embracing these traits, we aim to foster a spirit of innovation, resilience, and unity among our students.


As we embark on this new academic year, let us keep these values at the forefront of our minds. Together, we can create a supportive and inspiring environment where each student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Thank you for being part of our Fox Hollow family. I look forward to a year filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences.




Ashley Gray Principal, Fox Hollow Elementary School

Last Modified on August 13, 2023