• Art Club

    Art Club is a time for fourth and fifth grade students to engage in art projects that are different from the projects they complete during their art class. Art Club is offered on a lottery registration basis and space is limited to 20 students. There are two sign-up opportunities, one in the fall and one in the spring. Students who were unable to participate during the fall will be given priority for registration in the spring. Art Club meets on Fridays after school and dismisses at 3:30. For any questions about Art Club, please contact Alex Schultz at aschultz4@cherrycreekschools.org or 720-886-3547.

  • Choir

    Choir meets Tuesdays from 2:45-3:30pm. For more information, please contact Mrs. Shultz-Thomas at sshultzthomas@cherrycreekschools.org.

  • Intramurals

    Intramurals meets according to grade level:

    3rd Grade- Mondays 2:45-:330pm
    4th Grade- Tuesdays 2:45-3:30pm
    5th Grade- Thursdays 2:45-3:30pm

    Permission is required to attend. For more information, please contact Mr. Pettinger at gpettinger@cherrycreekschools.org or 720-886-3558.

  • Robotics

    Robotics meets after school on Thursdays and is open to 4th and 5th graders. For more information, pleace contact Mrs. Vorwaller (avorwaller@cherrycreekschools.org).

  • PALS Chess Club

    Who: Grade K-5, no experience required. Students paired by age and level. Kid-favorite head coach Jason Yin will return for the fall session!

    What: The "Four C's" of Education are Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. All are included in the fifth C, the ancient game of Chess! PALS makes "the royal game" more fun than ever. We use stories, humor, and "chessercizes" to teach important strategies, tactics, and even valuable life lessons. Fun regional scholastics tournaments are held monthly on Saturdays (optional). This is not your typical chess club- your child will LOVE learning chess with us! 

    When: Fall Session- Thursdays 2:45-3:45pmSeptember 12th through December 19th. No class on October 17th or November 28th.

    Cost: $168, or $154 for children starting on September 19th. We offer a $20 sibling discount!

    Regsiter: www.palschess.com/register

    Questions: Contact Lior at lior@palschess.com or 720-317-7810


  • Spanish Club

    Spanish Enrichment is designed to allow children to explore Spanish through three learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. We promote positive participation through interactive exercises with games, songs, sentences to practice, and writing.

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (Beginners): Thursdays 2:55-3:40pm

    3rd Grade - 5th Grade (Intermediate): Mondays 2:55-3:40pm

    Registration is required.

    Contact: Norma
    303-805-1472 (office)
    720-935-1977 (cell)