Belleview Elementary Library

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    Mr. Bill Hardman
    ​Library Tech

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    Checkout Schedule

    Maes: 11:15 Friday
    Ojeda: 11:15 Tuesday
    Pugh: 11:15 Monday
    Sutphin: 11:15 Thursday

    First Grade
    McIntire: 1:50 Thursday
    Plomondon: 1:50 Tuesday
    Pritchard: 1:50 Friday
    Wolff: 1:50 Monday

    Second Grade
    Cappel: 8:10 Monday
    Dibala: 8:10 Friday
    Glenn: 8:10 Tuesday
    Nelson: 8:10 Wednesday

    Third Grade
    Dixon: 10:00 Thursday
    Norman: 10:00 Tuesday
    Rhee: 10:00 Friday
    Scott: 10:00 Monday

    Fourth Grade
    Colling: 10:45 Thursday
    Gorjidooz: 10:45 Tuesday
    Smith: 10:45 Monday
    Vetter: 10:45 Friday

    Fifth Grade
    Holzkamp: 11:40 Friday
    Manguso: 11:40 Tuesday
    Yasuzawa: 11:40 Thursday
    Youngblood: 11:40 Monday

    Volunteer Information
    Do you want to volunteer in the library?  That's great!  Check the volunteer information handout for an overview of how to help in the library.  Find a link to the SignupGenius in the weekly newsletter or on thePTCO website.

Last Modified on December 8, 2022