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    Welcome to the Innovation Media Center at Cottonwood Creek!

    We exist to foster literacy, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in our learning community. Students have the opportunity to visit our innovation media center weekly for a check out, and at other times during the school year for project-based learning activities. 


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Birthday Book Club


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    "Birthday Books" have become a tradition in many Cherry Creek schools because they perpetuate the ideals of reading and celebrate the memories of years gone by. Birthday Books provide a concrete reminder of a child's growth and changing interests. Best of all, they are the celebrants way of sharing his/her interest in reading with others. Birthday Books are an expression of friendship because..."you are never lonely if you have, as a friend, a good book."

    You can join the Birthday Book Club by:

    • Purchasing a book, in honor of your son or daughter, at a bookstore. Bring the book to the Cottonwood Library, where it will be processed to share with others. A special book plate naming the celebrant and his/her birthday will be affixed to the inside, front cover. It will be catalogued and added to our collection.
    • Sending money to purchase a special book in your son/daughter's name. Following the arrival of the book, it will be prepared in the manner described above and added to Cottonwood's collection.
    • If you prefer, money can be utilized to purchase a stuffed animal to accompany a favorite book. This can be enjoyed along with the book, in the library.


    Cottonwood Library maintains suggested book lists for your convenience. Just call 720-554-3220 and ask for one to be sent home.

    Thank you for your generosity and happy reading!

Last Modified on July 24, 2019