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    The school nurse at Pine Ridge addresses the health needs of all students and school staff. Plans of action are implemented to ensure the safety of all the students with health concerns. The nurse delegates to office staff, teachers and other unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) the general safety plan involving basic first aid training and the care of sick children, who come to the health office with a health need; in the event of the nurses’ absence or during school field trips. Office staff and other UAP’s are supplied with a Health Services Manual that specifies actions in the instance of various medical situations.
    The school nurse, Jessi Puga, may be reached by phone at 720-886-8804 for any health issues or concerns, or by email at


    One responsibility of our school nurse is to help control the spread of illness in our school, but we must each do our part!  Stringent hand washing routines and staying home when we are ill are ways we can help keep our community healthy.  Cherry Creek School District has put in place a policy to help limit the spread of illness in our schools.  Please use the following guidelines when your student is ill:
    How Sick is too Sick

    ​We ask that you make wise choices regarding your student’s health.  Many of the illnesses that we see at school can be prevented simply by isolating students who are ill and keeping them home to recover. 

    If you do bring your student to school before they appear healthy, the nurse will call you to pick up your student for the day.  This rule is in place to limit the spread of illness and contagious diseases.  (Your child’s absence will be excused for the day). 
    We also ask that you do not give your student any fever reducing medications if they wake up not feeling well, but do not have a fever yet.  This can mask a real fever, which is a sign of a contagious illness.  If you have any questions, please contact our School Nurse
    Picking Up Students Once They’ve been Sent Home – Expected Time frame

    We understand that we have a community that commutes into Denver and surrounding cities for work.  If your student is sent home sick for the day, it is expected that someone be available to pick-up your student within an hour timeframe.  With only two beds in the clinic, we try to have an open clinic for all 875 students at Pine Ridge. 
    If your are not able to pick up within an hour, please inform the nurse so accommodations can be made.  



    Vision and hearing screenings are conducted for students in their schools according to the mandated guidelines from the Colorado Department of Education. These guidelines indicate that students in kindergarten, first, second, third and fifth receive these screenings. Because of the important connection between a student’s academic achievement and their vision and hearing, parents are encouraged to observe their student and seek a medical evaluation for changing or significant concerns.
    Complete diagnostic audiology evaluations are done by the district’s Audiology Department for all mandated students. Students whose hearing screening results indicate a potential problem and given a hearing referral should see their doctor.​
    If you are interested in volunteering to help out with vision and hearing screening please contact Jessi Puga at 720-886-8804 or by email at



    Prescription Medications: Prescription drug medications require written permission for administration in the school setting from both a healthcare provider and a parent/guardian. Please complete and return the Permission to Give Prescription/Homeopathic Medication at School form below. Most pharmacies are happy to provide an extra labeled container so that a prescription can be divided and placed in a properly labeled container for school use. If the dose or the directions change, a new form/container must be submitted. Medication shall be in the original, properly labeled container with the current date printed on the container, and all other parameters required for medication administration (student name, prescribing physician’s name, drug name, dose, route, time and/or frequency).
    Students with Allergies and Asthma: Albuterol and Epinephrine should be kept in the clinic unless written permission for a student to carry these prescription drugs has been agreed to by the physician, parent, and school nurse. This written agreement form is located below and ​in the school clinic. It requires, in part, that the student has demonstrated the necessary maturity to keep it on their person. In general, students less than ten years of age should not be burdened with this responsibility. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, the Colorado State Asthma Care Plan should be completed by the healthcare provider and parent/guardian. For allergies, the Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan should be completed by both the healthcare provider and a parent/guardian.


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