• There are many ways to be involved in the Cottonwood experience, and being a member of the School Accountability Committee (SAC) is one of those ways. School accountability committees are established by state law and constituted under the Education Accountability Act of 2009. School Accountability Committees are responsible for the following:

    1. Making recommendations to the principal concerning priorities for spending school funds
    2. Making recommendations concerning the preparation of the school's Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement, or Turnaround plan
    3. Providing input and recommendations to District Accountability Committees and district administration concerning principal development plans and principal evaluations
    4. Meeting to discuss implementation of the school's plan and other progress pertinent to the school's accreditation contract with the local school board.

    According to the Education Accountability Act of 2009, our SAC must consist of the following members:

    1. The principal of the school or the principal's designee
    2. At least one teacher who provides instruction at the school
    3. At least three parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in the school
    4. At least one adult member of an organization of parents, teachers, and students recognized by the school
    5. At least one person from the community

    If you are interested in being a member of the COT SAC, please contact the main office at 720-554-3203.



    Drew Francis


    Cottonwood Creek Elementary School

Last Modified on September 8, 2022