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    Watch DOGS has had tremendous success and adoption in such a short time.  I know many of you are familiar with what it is and how it works. However, just in case there are a few Dads out there who are still looking for that perfect way to plug into their elementary school kid's life, this is your chance.

    ICARE Dads/Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) provides positive male role models for students and enhances school security. Creekside is the first school in the Cherry Creek School district to provide Watch DOGS Fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures who want to volunteer to serve at their school are all welcome to sign up.

    Your day looks like this: get kids off the bus and safely into school, walk the school grounds, escort kids to and from the mobiles, eat lunch with your child, play at recess, talk to a classroom or two about your own experiences, help the staff in various capacities, watch your kids glow with pride that their Dad was the Watch DOG for the day and, importantly, keep our kids safe by serving as an extra set of eyes and ears.

    We've been fortunate to have at least one Dad in the building every day since we began this critical program. The kids, teachers and staff have come to expect and look forward to a Watch DOG every day – let's not disappoint them. Sign up today before your preferred days are gone

    Step 1: Visit the sign-up page and find a day that works with your schedule.

    Step 2: Enjoy a day or half-day at Creekside!

    We all are juggling careers and our families; take just one day (or more) to unplug from your work commitments and enjoy watching over our kids, having lunch with your child, playing with them at recess and showing them that school is important and fun.

    You will be a superhero for your kiddo – they are counting on you. It's worth it.

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Last Modified on August 15, 2019