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  • Adventure Club Information

     Welcome to Adventure Club!

    Adventure Club is part of Cherry Creek School District’s Extended Child Services. We provide before and after-school programs as well as full-day care when school is not in session. We offer quality, affordable programs that provide an environment where children can learn, take part in supervised recreation, and build strong, positive relationships with responsible, caring adults and with their peers.

    Our program gives families the peace of mind and security of knowing that their children are engaged in safe, enriching, and constructive activities. We strive to provide school-age children with a safe and nurturing environment while promoting physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

    Our main location is in the mobile near the staff parking lot. We also use the school’s cafeteria, gym, and outdoor playground. Your children will place their personal belongings in cubbies provided for them. We follow a simple schedule of fun and educational entertainment to keep your child safe and happy while attending Adventure Club.

    Adventure Club Contact Information:

    Main Office: 720-886-3139

    Program Cell: 303-335-8526


    Hours of Operation

    Before School: 6:30AM – 7:50 AM

    After School: 2:45 PM – 6:00 PM

    Full Days: 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

    Before & After School Program Rates:

    • Before School Care: $9.50 Daily
    • After School Care: $18.50 Daily


    • $.50 discount per session for registering for care by the 25th for next month's care.
    • $2.00 discount after school session when registering for and picking up by 4:30 pm.
    • 10% sibling discount.
    • 25% discount for families who qualify for free/reduced meals in CCSD.

    Our programs accept CCCAP (Colorado Childcare Assistance Program)



    Director: Eric Hallada

    Assistant Director: Brittany Boticke


    Registration Fee: An annual $10.00 non-refundable registration fee per child is required with enrollment with a maximum of $15.00 per family. All fees must be paid in advance.



    New Families Enrolling with Adventure Club

    Welcome! Adventure Club is available to elementary students, ages 5-11, grades K-5 at Peakview,  

    Follow these easy steps to enroll with Extended Child Services or click here to download: 

    Step 1 – Login* to your CCSD Parent Portal account at:

    Step 2 – Click on the New Families Enroll Here for SchoolCare Works tile. New Family Tile

    Step 3 – Choose the school that you are enrolling in Before & After School program with.

    Step 4 – Select Enroll for the school you choose to enroll with.

    Step 5 – Complete all required fields under Registration.

    Step 6 – Select Add to Cart.

    Step 7 – If you have additional children to add, you can select Add Student.

    Step 8 – Complete the fields and Complete Registration.

    Step 9 – Enter credit card information to pay the Registration Fee.

    Step 10 – Check the boxes to agree to terms and conditions and input your electronic signature.

    Step 11 – Answer the Confirmation Questions.

    Step 12 – You will receive a Registration Successful message and will be able to print a copy.

    Step 13 – You will receive a receipt for payment to the email address provided. Once the registration has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email and then will have access to an attendance calendar to sign up for child care (attendance tab).

    All children must be fully enrolled before attending any ECS program. Proper enrollment forms and current phone numbers are required for every student in attendance and will require updating annually. Families may enroll with the before and after school programs at any time throughout the school year and summer.


    During the summer, incoming kindergarten students who are 5 years old or older, may register for Adventure Club. Kindergarten students who are 4 years old at the beginning of the school year, may register for Adventure Club and receive care once the school year begins. 


    Payment & Calendars

    You may sign up for care for the following month on the first of every month. 

    Sessions for care must be completed no later than 10 pm the night before for the following day of care.

    Once approved, you will have access to sign up through SchoolCare Works. Calendars for the following month are available on the 25th. You may sign up for the whole month, week, or day at a time.

    Helpful Tips and Reminders for Adventure Club

    Checking in and out:

     Every child must be checked in when dropping off with your parent pin#.

     Every child must be checked out when picking up with your parent pin#.

     If you have someone else picking up, please make sure they’re on your enrollment form for approved pick-ups. Make sure that person has the pin# and a photo ID. We cannot release children to anyone who is not on the approved pick-up list.


    Before School:

    • We open at 6:30 am and send your children off to school at 7:50 am.
    • All kindergarten and first-grade students are escorted to school from Adventure Club.

    After School:

    • Please tell your children to come straight to our mobile through the cafeteria after the bell rings at 2:45 pm.
    • All kindergarten and first-grade students are escorted to Adventure Club from school.
    • We close at 6pm

    Late Pick-ups:

    • We close at 6pm sharp. The fee is $1.00 for each minute, per child, after 6:00 pm.
    • Please have a backup plan just in case you’re unable to pick up on time.
    • Excessive abuse of late pick-up may result in termination from the program.

    After School Activities

    • If your child is in an after-school activity and will attend Adventure Club after, please fill out one of our nonprogram activity permission forms.
    • Children do not have to check in with Adventure Club until their after-school activity has ended.


    • Children are welcome to bring their own breakfast and eat at Adventure Club.
    • School breakfast will be served at 7:50 am for those who need it. It is free for the 2021-2022 school year. 

    Snacks and water bottles:

    • Please make sure to send your child with several nutritious snacks for the afternoon and a water bottle.

    Tennis Shoes:

    • Throughout the school year, we have gym time and children get to play structured gym games with Adventure Club.
    • Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes or brings a pair with them so they may play in the gym. We do not allow the children to play in the gym if they do not have the proper shoes.


    If your child needs medication while attending Adventure Club

    • All medication must be in the original container, labeled with the student’s full name, medicine, the dosage, time, the doctor’s name, the expiration date, and the name of the pharmacy.
    • The doctor must provide written instructions and signatures on the official district forms.
    • The parent must provide written permission on the official district form.

    Structured Gym, Games, Free play in the Gym, Centers in the Cafeteria:

    •  Science Center
    •  Messy Play
    •  Arts and Crafts
    •  Coloring
    •  Dramatic Play Sets
    •  Building and Engineering Toys
    •  IPADS
    •  Homework Time Mobile Activities:

    Front Room:

    • Read a book from our Library
    • Read about health and nutrition
    • World Map and fun facts
    • Learn how to say hello in different languages
    • Write and draw on the dry erase boards
    • Art and Crafts
    • Craft Basket/Table Crafts
    • Coloring
    • Finger Weaving/Weaving
    • Rainbow Loom
    • Stencils
    • Water Colors
    • Create something from our scrap bin
    • Hands-on Activities
    • Sensory Bin
    • String Games
    • Messy Play
    • Writing Center
    • Homework
    • Word Searches
    • Dot-to-Dots

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