Child Find

  • Welcome to Child Find

    Who should contact Child FInd?

    • You should contact Child Find if you have a child whose birthday makes them eligible for preschool and you have concerns or questions about their development.  This service is free to families. If you have questions about an IEP for kindergarten, please contact your neighborhood elementary school.
    • If your child currently has an IEP and you are moving into the Cherry Creek School District or previously deferred services and are interested in special education in preschool (ECE), please contact Edith Verkuilen at or 720-886-5851. 

    What happens at Child Find?

    • Cherry Creek School District’s (CCSD) Child Find teams are recognized by the state of Colorado for their expert use of Play-Based assessment techniques. Your child will experience the assessment process as a play session.
    • Child Find screens children’s skills and if there is a suspected delay that may impact the child’s ability to learn at preschool, Child Find evaluators will offer to do a formal Special Education evaluation. If the formal Special Education evaluation indicates that your child does need support in preschool, Child Find will write an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

    To get more information about appointments and the Child Find process, please call our Intake Specialist Diana Gassen. Her phone number is 720-554-4021.

    Once my child has an IEP, what then?

    • If an IEP is developed for your child, you will be offered a spot in a CCSD preschool classroom. Preschool is free for children with IEP’s. You will need to register your child at the Preschool Registration office located at Eastridge Elementary 11777 E. Wesley Ave Aurora, CO 80014.  However, due to the Covid-19, please complete the Remote Registration Form.  Once you have completed this form, an email will be sent to you regarding next steps for registering your child. 
    • When your child is registered, they will be able to start preschool once they have turned three years old.

    Receptionist/Office Manager: Mercedes Pacheco-Maletta 720-554-4001

    Child Find Coordinator: Erin Belcaid 720-554-4002