Kindergarten Team: Ms. Kelli Eastmond, Ms. Marsia Ronyak, Ms. Samantha Eisenbarth


    Welcome to Sagebrush Kindergarten! 


    We are early childhood educators with over 50 years experience between us and we know how important this first year of elementary school is to you, your child, and our school communityWe work hard to make sure your child feels safe, happy, and part of our classroom every day.  


    In Kindergarten, students learn to identify 26 uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as the most common sound for each letter.  Students will also learn the 27 sight words in Fundations, our phonics curriculum.  Decoding strategies are used to help students develop a foundation that will propel them into thinking about text critically. Our goal is to have every child develop a love of reading.  Our new literacy program, Into Reading, provides students with a wide variety of text to engage all interests and ability levels. 


    We use Bridges in Mathematics as our guide for counting, number sense, number writing,  2 and 3 dimensional shapes, addition and subtraction stories, and algebraic thinking.  Our daily routine includes counting skills, subitizing numbers, building numbers within 20, working with 10 frames,  and learning to be flexible thinkers with problem solving skills. 


    We are using PhD Science as our curriculum for this year. This resource meets the change in science standards instruction and aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We will be working on the following concepts throughout the year:  


    • how energy is transferred and conserved. 

    • how and why Earth is constantly changing. 

    • how human activities and the Earth's surface processes interact. 

    • interactions between objects and within systems of objects. 


    Social Studies engages our students into studies of the past, learning about using geographic tools to understand the world around them all while celebrating the diversity of our world. Students learn about wants versus needs and how people use money they earn in relation to wants versus needs.


    Finally, students participate in lessons around civic responsibility and how to take part in democratic traditions that are key to living in a democracy. We use a curriculum called Inquiry Journeys to support the standards in this learning. 


    Kindergarten uses Second Step for social emotional learning lessons. Topics include skills for learning, empathy, emotion management and problem solving. 


    We are also firm believers in young children learning through play, and our daily schedules have a play workshop built into the last part of our day. This fosters connections between students, problem-solving skills, and an environment that is fun and self-directed after a day of academic focus! 




    For more information on specific kindergarten standards, please visit