Check In Process

  • Check In Procedures:


    • CCHS CHECK-IN: Click Appropriate grade level below the boxes.

    12th Grade Check In Box      11th Grade Check In Box       10th Grade Check In Box      9th Grade Check In Box


    1.  All students MUST have the online district registration completed at (Parent Forms) prior to check-in at school.

    2.  Each student MUST check in for him/herself. Parents may pick up their students at the West Cafeteria exit door.

    3.  Complete all required printed forms before check-in.

    Students may not attend classes until they have completed the check-in process and have their CCHS picture ID.

    Have you moved?  

    Address changes must be made with District Admissions or the Registrar's Office prior to check-in.  Proof of the new address is required. We are unable to make changes in PowerSchool using the forms you turn in at check-in. 


    STUDENTS MUST CHECK IN AT THEIR ASSIGNED TIMES or a later make-up time.  Students who miss their assigned time can check in at ANY make-up time/day AFTER the scheduled time.  Students  MAY NOT check in ahead of their assigned time. 


    Check-in Cover Sheet You cannot continue if your address is not current.



    OPTIONAL - #2                      

    Volunteer for After Prom



    REQUIRED - #3A                    

    Off Campus Privileges  (Signed by parent)



    OPTIONAL - #3B                    

    Release of Information to Military Recruiters: For 11TH and 12TH Graders only




    REQUIRED - #4                      

    Fee Worksheet: Pay fees:  With one check (payable to Cherry Creek High School), Visa, MasterCard, or cash.  Please write check out ahead of time.  Note:  Athletic Fees are not collected at Check-in.



    OPTIONAL - #5A and #5B       

    Application for Parking Permit: Complete BOTH forms including the copies of the student's driver's license and car registration on form #5B.



    OPTIONAL - #6                      

    Lifetouch School Portrait Information: If paying by check, please write a separate check payable to Lifetouch.



    All students including seniors must have their pictures taken for school ID's

    Absolutely NO COSTUMES will be permitted

Check In Times By Grade and Alpha

12th Grade Time 12th Grade Alpha 11th Grade Time 11th Grade Alpha 10th Grade Time 10th Grade Alpha 9th Grade Time 9th Grade Alpha
Mon. Aug. 5th Mon. Aug. 5th Tues. Aug. 6th Tues. Aug. 6th Wed. Aug. 7th Wed. Aug. 7th Thurs. Aug. 8th Thurs. Aug. 8th
9:00 Lf-Mo 8:00 Fv-Ha 8:00 Fv-Ha 8:00 Aa-Bq
9:20 Mp-Pe 8:25 Hb-Ka 8:25 Hb-Ka 8:25 Br-Cu
9:40 Pf-Rz 8:50 Kb-Le 8:50 Kb-Le 8:50 Cv-Fu
10:00 Sa-Sm 9:15 Lf-Mo 9:15 Lf-Mo 9:15 Fv-Ha
10:20 Sn-Ts 9:35 Mp-Pe 9:35 Mp-Pe 9:35 Hb-Ka
10:40 Tu-Z 10:00 Pf-Rz 10:00 Pf-Rz 10:00 Kb-Le
11:00 Aa-Bq 10:25 Sa-Sm 10:25 Sa-Sm 10:25 Lf-Mo
11:20 Br-Cu 10:50 Sn-Ts 10:50 Sn-Ts 10:50 Mp-Pe
11:40 Cv-Fu 11:15 Tu-Z 11:15 Tu-Z 11:15 Pf-Rz
12:00 Fv-Ha 11:40 Aa-Bq 11:40 Aa-Bq 11:40 Sa-Sm
12:20 Hb-Ka 12:10 Br-Cu 12:10 Br-Cu 12:10 Sn-Ts
12:40 Kb-Le 12:35 Cv-Fu 12:35 Cv-Fu 12:35 Tu-Z
1:00 to 2:00 Make-up 1:00 to 2:00 Make-up 1:00 to 2:00 Make-up 1:00 to 2:00 Make-up