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    Attendance Phone Number: 720-554-2242


    For the protection of students and the accurate monitoring of attendance, please follow the procedures below.

    Attendance lines are not answered directly; therefore, please leave a VOICE MAIL message with your student’s name, SPELLING LAST NAME, your name, phone number and the reason for the absence.

    Early Dismissal Procedures

    If your student needs to leave class before the end of the period, please provide a signed parent note for your student to give to the teacher at the beginning of the class period.  If the student is going to miss any additional class periods, please call the attendance line to excuse your student from those periods.  If you are calling with less than one hour notice of the required early dismissal, please contact your student's dean for assistance.  The dean's office can send a note to the class to notify the teacher to release the student.  Please note that due to the size of our campus, requests to release a student from class cannot always be accommodated on short notice – we may not have someone available to deliver the notification in a timely manner.

    Late Bus

    If your student is late to school due to the bus being late, you must call the attendance line to have the tardy excused.  The reason this is required is because although your student may be a scheduled bus rider, we do not have any way to verify that this is the way your student is getting to school.  Therefore, the tardy cannot be excused automatically.  For questions or concerns regarding your student's bus being consistently late, please contact district transportation at 720-554-4664, Option 2 between the hours of 5:30am-6:00pm. 

    Attendance Concerns

    1. Absences cannot be excused without a specific date and/or specific class period given.
    2. If you believe your student was marked tardy or absent in error, your student should communicate directly with their teacher to clear up any discrepancy.  If any correction needs to be made, your student's teacher will email the attendance office with any correction needed.  Due to call volume, the attendance office cannot contact your student's teacher for you.
    3. Class periods identified as 9th or 10th period in PowerSchool; Certain academic support, teacher assist and other classes may be indicated as 9th or 10th period in PowerSchool and the automated calls will identify the class as 9th or 10th period.  Although there are only eight periods in the school day, if your student has one of these classes on his/her schedule, he or she may be required to attend during an unassigned period. 

    Our computerized parent notification system will call your home during the evening to inform you of unexcused absences. A call to the Attendance Office to excuse the absence on the day of the absence (before 2:00 p.m.) will prevent the computer from calling you. We appreciate your help in following these procedures. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Attendance Office or your student’s Dean.