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    What is the Advanced Placement Program? 

    AP® gives students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while still in high school.  Students enjoy the challenge of taking AP® courses with enthusiastic classmates and teachers; high school faculty find that AP® courses enhance their student’s confidence and academic interest as well as their school’s reputation; and college academic work.  (College Entrance Examination Board

    The College Board Advanced Placement (AP®) Program gives students an opportunity to seek college level studies while still in high school.  By taking the AP® classes and exams, students may gain advanced placement and/or college credit.  Students’ scores on AP® Exams may earn them up to a full year’s credit from their college or university and be eligible for prestigious awards.

    Being enrolled in AP® courses enhances entry into major colleges and universities.  This is especially important for those interested in highly selective colleges.

    While AP® courses are designed for juniors and seniors, qualified underclassman may also register for these classes and examinations.  Students are encouraged to take AP® courses in their areas of strength or high interest. 

    Contact Darren Knox, Assistant Principal, for more information: 
    Phone: 720.554.2255

    Office: W425

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    AP Exam FAQs

    • AP Exams are so Expensive. Where can I get help paying for them?
      • Cherry Creek High School offers financial aid for eligible low income students for AP Exams. (W425 for application)
    • If I don't qualify for financial aid, are there other options available to help pay for the AP Exams?
      • Cherry Creek High School also offers an Extended Payment Plan that allows students to make regular payments on a contracted schedule. (See Mr. Knox - W425- for details.)
    • Can I take an AP exam if I am not taking the class?
      • Yes! There are no prerequisites for taking an AP Exam. Independent study and previous experience are examples of why you might take an AP Exam without taking the class.