Parking Permits


    Juniors and seniors will be able to purchase a parking pass during August registration (August 5th-August 8th ONLY).  Students must be physically present to obtain their parking permit and must show a valid driver’s license and car registration (expired registrations will not be accepted). 

    Students who attend late check in on Aug 12 will NOT be eligible to purchase a parking decal at check in; these students will have to wait until a later date when the number of available spaces has been determined and will depend upon available space.

    Only one decal per student is allowed.  Students will NOT be able to buy multiple decals for multiple cars.

    After registration (August 8th), any student who would like a parking pass will need to stop by security to be entered into a lottery.  Names will be drawn based on how many spots we have.  First lottery will be on September 3rd.  Once contacted, students will have one week to obtain a parking pass.  Seniors will have priority over juniors.  Students who have their name drawn will need to pay in person at either bookkeeping or security.

    SOPHOMORES:  Due to limited parking space and larger Junior and Senior classes, Sophomores will NOT be issued parking passes this school year and will NOT be permitted to park on campus.  Please park in Village Green Park (“GV”) at the corner of Dayton and Union. 

    Any sophomore who does park on campus during the school year without a parking pass will receive a ticket and will not be able to purchase a parking pass during junior year.

    Questions? Contact Security at 720-554-2287