Parking on Campus


    Parking 2024-2025 School Year

    CCHS Parking Decal Notification

    Attention all 2024-2025 11th & 12th Graders


    Students are not allowed to park on campus during the school day without a valid ’24 – ‘25 Parking Decal. In order to park on campus, please be aware of this NEW and important information:


    1. In order to be eligible to purchase a ’24 – ’25 CCHS Parking Decal, you must:
      1. Have all PowerSchool fines cleared or paid for by June 15th, 2024. If fines aren’t cleared or paid by June 15th, 2024, you will not be eligible to obtain a parking decal during your assigned parking permit registration window.
      2. Be born before 8/12/2008 (16 years old by the first day of school) and have a valid driver’s license (no permits) by 8/23/2024.
      3. ’24 – ‘25 Juniors - If you received 3 or more parking violations as a 10th grader, you are not eligible to receive a parking decal, as a Junior.


    1. Parking permit registration windows for eligible students are:
      • 12th Graders ONLY (July 8th - 21st)
      • 11th & 12th Graders (July 22nd - August 1st), or until decals sell out.


    CCHS has a limited number of student parking spots on our campus. Parking decals are $50 each and are only sold during the July 8th - August 1st windows. Parking decals WILL SELL OUT. These parking permits are first come, first served and our goal is to give our 12th graders priority. You must complete the on-line process and pay your decal fee by the deadline and before they are sold out in order to receive a decal. If the decal process and fee payment are successfully completed, you will pick up the decal at your assigned August check-in.


    • Not every student will get a parking decal. There is a limit of one decal per student. If a student doesn’t receive a decal, they may park at Village Greens Park for FREE. If you miss the deadline and if there are any permits remaining, we will do a one-time lottery after September 4th, 2024, for any remaining spots.
    • Parking on campus is a privilege. Part of our campus safety and security model is accountability for any faculty, staff, or student vehicles parked on our campus. Parking on campus without a valid parking permit will result in disciplinary consequences.
    • If a student utilizes a handicap placard and plans to park in our handicap spaces, they still are required to purchase a CCHS Parking Decal and go through the registration process. Again, we must know who the cars belong to that are on our campus.
    • If a student needs to get a new decal (ex: the decal is lost, stolen, or car gets a new windshields) at any point, it cost $10 to obtain a new decal.
    • A parking decal doesn’t guarantee that a student will be able to park in their desired lot. There are six available student parking lots on our campus, and they fill up quickly.


    If a decal hasn’t been picked up by August 23rd, the permit/decal will be forfeited, and the payment will be refunded. If the student is still eligible and they would like to put their name into the one-time lottery drawing, they may do so, but re-payment will be required.

    To be eligible to purchase a ’24-’25 Parking Decal, your PowerSchool fines must be cleared by June 15, 2024. Instructions below:


    PowerSchool Fine(s) Instructions


    If your materials are lost or missing, or there is an unpaid fee, you may pay your fine by simply following these steps:


    1. Go to
    2. Login with parent created username and password.
    3. Select “PowerSchool” tile.
    4. PowerSchool will bring up a page that shows information for the student. If you have more than one student, there are tabs in the upper left-hand corner where you can select which student you want to view.
    5. Select “Balance” with the coin icon in the left margin. That will lead you to a page that shows fee transactions and a payment button.