Counseling/Mental Health

  • Welcome to our virtual learning counseling page, we are so glad you found us.   

    SHHS provides an easy way to connect with your counselor either in person or virtually through Microsoft Teams.  Appointments can be made by clicking here


    A virtual appointment for mental health with Julia Wiering (Dug-Oliva) can be made by clicking here

    A virtual appointment for mental health with Dr. June Hicks (Olive-Z) can be made by clicking here.


    If you or someone you know is feeling unsafe, please dial 911

    Safe2tell Hotline: 877-542-7233. 

    Colorado Crisis Line: 1-844-493-8255 or text "TALK" to 38255. 

    *Counselor case loads are alphabetically sorted by the student's last name.* 

    Counselor case load alpha breakdown for ALL students: 

    A - Bla              Chau DiMatteo

    Ble - Duf           Jolei Patton

    Dug - Hern        Katherine Kaiser

    Hero - L            Elaina Huff

    M- Olivia           Gabriela Garcia

    Olive - Shaq      Trina Visocky

    Shar -  Tod        Robert Kennedy

    Toe - Z              Craig Quintana

    Mental Health case load alpha breakdown for ALL students:

    A – Duf              Jennifer Harding               720-886-5751

    Dug - Oliva         Julia Wiering                    720-886-5500

    Olive - Z             Dr. June Hicks                  720-886-5505

    Mental Health Services: The Smoky Hill High School Mental Health Team consists of two full time school psychologists/social worker who provide crisis intervention and support. The team is also available for consultation on many issues, which may affect learning and school success. They consult regularly with general and special education teachers regarding students' access to learning.  Visit our Virtual Social Emotional Support Page.


    Substance Abuse Counselor: We now have an in-house professional that specializes in substance use prevention and intervention. She is accessible to all Smoky Hill students and may be reach via the following contact information:

    Morgan Watts, LCSW School Health Professional - Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist   720-886-5508