• The following sessions are being offered in STEM:

    1. STEM Resources & EIG Applications (Jen Sevy & Naomi Meredith) at Fox Hollow. We will be sharing some of the EIG funded resources that we’ve purchased over the years and brainstorming ideas for resources STEM teachers may want to consider writing a grant to purchase. Bring: Ideas and/or past grant funded resources.
    2. Arcades in the Classroom (Ryan Remien & Nate Krulish) at Altitude.  We will be sharing ideas around connecting computer science with the engineering design process by connecting games created in Makecode Arcade & other coding sites with Makey Makey and Arcade controllers. We'll use a variety of tools and materials to create working arcade consoles that connect to our computers. Bring: Teacher Computer.
    3.  K-5 Low tech engineering design units! (James Justus and Monica Winkler) at Village East. We will be talking about how to plan for and create low-tech engineering design units.  We will also be sharing out scope and sequences for our current units. I do Lego Engineers Kinder and 1st, Structures in 2nd, bridges in 3rd, flight in 4th, and force and motion (catapults) in 5th. Monica also has a bunch she can share out as well. The focus will be on how we planned for and created the 4th grade flight unit but happy to talk about all the units! Bring: Computer is good but not necessary!

    For questions, please contact the STEM Office at: 720-554-2666



Last Modified on September 2, 2022