During the planning phase of the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus, an emphasis was placed on collaboration and consultation with business and industry leaders from all seven of the career pathways. The outcome from these discussions can be seen throughout the CCIC in the implementation of the student uniforms, course curricula, learning studio design, industry-standard equipment, and the Professional Skills Rubric.


    The CCIC Professional Skills Rubric reflects the attributes collectively identified by business leaders as being equally as important as industry-specific knowledge and skills. The rubric criteria address reliability/dependability, professionalism, collaboration, communication, respectfulness, and a growth mindset. Every course at the CCIC teaches and evaluates these elements on six-week intervals, similar to an employee review. This feedback on professional skills comprises 30% of the final course grade in each course taught at the CCIC. 


      * CCIC Professional Skills Rubric

Last Modified on May 21, 2020