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Check Your Understanding

Ms. Somers

  • photo of Ms. SomersHello, Computer Academy students! I'm Ms. Somers, and I will be assisting you with your Computer Academy (PLATO) courses. Your counselor asked for you to be enrolled in this program to earn back credits for classes you have failed.

    I majored in Math and Math Education at Miami University of Ohio and began teaching at Overland in 2000 as a math teacher. In 2010, I moved to the Interventions Department and have been helping students graduate by taking online courses through our PLATO software. You can find me in my classroom upstairs (232C) or in my office downstairs inside Activities. You'll know you're in the right place if everything you see is lime green—that's my favorite color.

    Please read through the instructions on this page and begin your courses. If you have any questions, please email me using your Creekmail account.

    I look forward to helping you get that diploma! 

    Wendy Somers, Instructor | wsomers@cherrycreekschools.org

    VIDEO: How to get started

    INSTRUCTIONS: Download PDF in English and Spanish

What is PLATO?

  • Computer Academy (PLATO) is an online, self-paced, credit-recovery program for students who are repeating a class. The program is pass/fail and will not replace a student’s original grade for the course. 

    Please contact your counselor if you think you need a PLATO course. Each course counts as a semester credit (.5), and students may only take 4 PLATO courses.

    Sessions are offered during the school year and during breaks.

PLATO courses

  • English

    English 9A | English 9B | English 10A | English 10B | English 11A | English 11B | English 12A | English 12B


    Algebra 1A | Algebra 1B | Algebra 2A | Algebra 2B | Geometry A | Geometry B | Pre-Algebra A | Pre-Algebra B | Pre-Calculus A | Pre-Calculus B | Financial Math A | Financial Math B | Consumer Math (sem) | Probability & Statistics (sem)


    Biology A | Biology B | Chemistry A | Chemistry B | Life Science A | Life Science B | Physical Science A | Physical Science B | Physics A | Physics B

    Social Studies

    US History A | US History B | US Government | World Geography A | World Geography B | World History A | World History B


    Art History & Appreciation | Computing for College & Career | Personal Finance | Health | Physical Education | Spanish 1A | Spanish 1B | Business English A | Business English B

    Courses in red are new (added 5/2/23)


Technical Support

  • Contact your instructor if...

    • your login doesn't work
    • your course is incorrect
    • a course is missing
    • you failed the exam

    Contact PLATO (Edmentum) if...

    • the PLATO software isn't working properly
    • your work isn't saving
    • videos won't load
    • other technical issues

    PLATO (Edmentum) Technical Support
    (800) 447-5286 | support@edmentum.com

    System Requirements

    Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox

    Android (Chrome), iOS (Safari)

    Download the system requirements pdf

  • PLATO welcome