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    Cherry Creek Schools is committed to providing excellence in education – through In Person and Online learning options – while taking extensive measures to protect the health of students and staff.

    This website is intended to keep the Cherry Creek Schools community informed and engaged as we move through the 2020-21 school year amid the pandemic.

    Check back here for updates. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for updates and new information.

    It is critical to our success for all members of our community to follow best practices by wearing masks in public places, avoiding large crowds and keeping your student home from school if anyone in the family is showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19. 

    How We Got Here 

    Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have taken numerous collaborative and strategic steps to ensure a safe return to school this year.

    • The district started in April working with a task force made up of educators, district leaders and parents to develop a comprehensive plan to safely operate schools and offer parents a choice of In Person or Online learning.
    • We have worked collaboratively with our teachers’ association to build a comprehensive plan that prioritizes the health and safety of students, staff and community, as well as the learning needs of our children. In August, our teachers’ association overwhelmingly voted to support our restart agreement and the data-driven approach to determining whether to hold school In-Person or Remotely.
    • We were the first district in Colorado to develop a data-based, decision-making process to determine if it is safe to open schools, or if we should hold school remotely. We have transparently communicated that data to the community via our website. We also transparently report district COVID positivity and quarantine rates on our website. Those rates continue to be extremely low and to date we have not had any secondary transmission in our schools.
    • We have met or exceeded all health guidelines and requirements put out by state and local government agencies to safely return to school.


    Guidance from CDPHE about How to Handle COVID Cases at School

    On Aug. 12, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released guidance for how to handle potential COVID cases and outbreaks at schools. Cherry Creek Schools will follow this guidance in the event that we have a confirmed COVID case among students or staff at a school.

    For information about what happens when there is a case of COVID in a school, view the following documents:

    Click here for a tool to determine how long a person needs to stay home after staying/going home sick.

    Click here for a tool to determine if classmates or cohort members or close contacts of a sick person need to stay home. 


    Returning to School 2020-2021

    For CCSD Planning Forward, we start with our guiding principles and Future Forward goals as the foundation, and layer on CDE and public health requirements to create a restart plan that prioritizes academic excellence and health/safety that includes the following options: Online Learning K-12Full In-Person Learning (PreK-5), Blended In-Person Learning (6-12) and POST COVID-19. Our goal is to restore in-person learning to the greatest extent possible while adhering to public health requirements. As requirements change through the summer we will update and communicate changes to our planning.

    • Online Learning K-12
      Online learning is an option for all CCSD students. A new Online Elementary program is available for grades K-5. For middle and high school students, Cherry Creek Elevation is available. With both Online Elementary and Cherry Creek Elevation, all instruction will be delivered virtually by a certified CCSD teacher. 
      > Learn more.

    • In-Person Learning

      • Full In-Person Learning (PreK-5)
        Our updated learning plan includes five days a week of in-person learning for students in PreK-5. Our focus was on cohorting or grouping students as the primary strategy to limit spread of the virus with physical distancing implemented to the greatest extent possible within the plan.
        > Learn more.

      • Blended In-Person Blended Learning (6-12)
        This plan was developed to primarily adhere to physical distancing requirements, and therefore the student body will be split in to two cohorts with half of students attending at one time.
        > Learn more.

      • Remote Learning
        If In-Person learning must switch to full Remote learning at any point during the year, the instruction will be a mixture of synchronous (students learning online together at the same time) and asynchronous.
        > Learn more.

    • Post COVID-19
      Based on public health restrictions and Colorado Department of Education requirements, operating school in a typical manner is not currently an option. We maintain all plans to implement a typical school year if requirements change.  
Last Modified on November 5, 2020