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    July 1, 2020


    Dear Cherry Creek Bruins,

    On Monday you received communication from the Cherry Creek School District regarding registration for the 2020-2021 school year.  The school district has also made public the high school plan for the start to the school year.  Included in this letter is information about the schedule, the overall plan and precautions we are taking to provide our students with instruction in a safe manner.

    Before I get into the logistics for our return, I first want to speak as a parent.  The last few months have been challenging for us all in many ways.  We have been presented with realities that we have never seen and we have had to process how best to parent our children through each of these challenges.  Whether it be race tensions, a loss of instruction, health concerns, financial loss and more, it has been a lot for us all to navigate.  While I am proud of the job I have done as a parent and the job we have done as a community to care for our children, I believe that our children need some normalcy for their health and wellness.

    I am proud to be part of a school district that has taken all of these challenges seriously.  I have been part of planning committees that are thoughtful, thorough and focused on doing what is best for our students, teachers and community.  Through partnerships with outside organizations that include elected officials, health experts and education experts, we have created plans for all types of scenarios.  Based on the latest information we have been provided, we have a plan that is responsible, responsive to feedback/input and meets the health experts’ expectations that we must follow.  Thank you all for patience, flexibility and support. 

    We will open school on Monday, August 17th with all of our students on campus.  We will have two periods a day that will be longer.  The instructional minutes normally offered in a semester will be very similar in this plan, but the time will be configured differently.  The plan allows for all students to come to school, but with a limited number of cohorts.  Additionally, this plan limits the number of passing periods when all students are navigating the campus. 

    Here is the schedule:

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

     8:20 - 11:25 AM class

    11:25 - 12:25 Lunch

    12:25 - 3:30 PM class



    8:20 - 10:52 AM class

    10:58 - 11:58 Advisory

    11:58 - 12:58 Lunch

    12:58 - 3:30 PM class


    Period breakdown:

    Day 1 - p.1 & p.5

    Day 2 - p.2 & p.6

    Day 3 - p.3 & p.7

    Day 4 - p.4 & p.8 

    Day 5 - repeat the cycle

    This communication is intended to be a starting point.  More information will be forthcoming regarding individual student schedules, a calendar for the semester, check-in plans, orientation plans and more.  This is step one so I don’t overwhelm you too much. 

    Besides limiting the number of cohorts our students have and exposure to others, we will also have other changes that will help us keep our students and staff safe.  The cleaning regimen will be more intensive, and the use of masks and good hygiene will be critical.  We will need to be strict about washing our hands and wearing masks.  I realize that there are all types of beliefs about masks, but I hope we can all agree to wear one on campus if they are a key to preserving things we care about such as learning on campus, clubs, sports and social opportunities.  My fear is we could lose all of this and have to return to remote learning if we aren’t careful and responsible.  I know I am willing to do many things that were previously foreign to me if it means my family is safe, healthy and able to do the things that are important for children like learning in school, participating in activities and socializing with other people. 

    Like all of you, I am nervous about the upcoming school year, but I am also excited for the idea that my own three kids will be able to return to school.  I know it won’t always be perfect, but I know that we will work together to care for the students and provide the very best that is possible.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other administrator with questions you may have.



    Ryan T. Silva


    Cherry Creek High School


    Assistant Principals:

    Traci Dougherty

    Darren Knox

    Marcus McDavid

    Kevin Uhlig



    Ryan T. Silva


    Cherry Creek High School



    As members of the Cherry Creek High School community, we value scholarship, leadership, and citizenship.  We respect the dignity of all cultures and honor every individual’s passion and chosen path toward success.